Friday, April 2, 2010

happy easter

its a rainy easter saturday here
i had a lovely week apart from work and housework lol
i spent a little on some crafty goodness which always makes me happy
i got my 2 boys some crafty stuff
and we have had fun making rubber dubber do - took some photos
will post those soon
and i have just got a new beado kit, some water paints and shimmer paints
they are going to be making tag books
i have used my sizzix to cut out the tags from recycled cardboard (boxes)
so will take pics when we are done
i have to finish some extras for the wist swap for my partner i want to get it posted as soon as postoffice reopens hope my partner likes everything will update soon

ok i uploaded 2 videos to youtube - breadmaking and a little minialbum i made
i found out there is a i top bradmaker, i would love one! anyone seenthemin australia
i can handcover buttons so i guess i can do that and glue em on
just wishing lol

ok off to clean and craft with the kids
they got a new table => cars themed so they love it

i need to make some more videos or youtube
if only it wasnt so noisy here
school holidays and tv noise...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cyndiq
How's things
Sounds like you have been busy crafting :) Wahoo. Good that you find the time.
Good luck with it all.