Monday, September 27, 2010

check out scrap with stacy timholtz candy giveaway

wow i just entered this tim holtz candy giveaway
please check it out its drawn end of october

Scrap with Stacy.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

flower tutorial on youtube

i loved making the se blooming rose flower clips. i uploaded a tutorial on my youtube so check it out!!

swap stuff i made in may june 2010

i made this set of lucky owl door stops for my partner kwiltykate in the aussie just one thing swap

I sent these cute little handmade flower clips i made with some lucky owls i made for the aussie just one thing swap i organized on craftster.

july is here

we have been so busy here is my little son

my youngest got croup and was pretty sick in june.

then he broke his arm on the last day of school in the last hour.

as he was still chesty and coughy we had to wait a week but finally he went in for his first big operation and i stayed over night with him. he was very brave as it was very painful.

he got some sweet gifts from us and my parents and brother and sisterinlaw.
i will make him a mini album for show and tell!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

hi wow its june

i have a new video up on yt
and i am also looking for new members fpr my kaszazz team.
a fabulous aussie scrapbooking and cardmaking supplies and classes company.
lots of free ideas and classes.
team support on line wherever you are in australia
friends and new faces all welcome just drop me a line

Monday, May 17, 2010

leafy green paperbag journal i made

i made this journal for schnerby on the aussie just one thing swap i organized on

i made a video on how i did this on my youtube channel

but forgot to take a photos so she has taken one now and i can post, yay.

thanks for looking


leafy green paperbag journal i made

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

may update 2010

hey everyone just wanted to update my crafty life here

i have posted a tutorial on youtube on making cute flowers in april so check out that.

i also show and tell the leafy green felt covered paperbag journal i made for schnerby in the aussie just one thing swap. turned out beautiful!

I also made a family of owls for my other partner kwiltykate and they have arrived so its safe to post the picture i took
youtube channel link:

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

swapping and crafting april 2010

here is what i sent to my partner in the wist swap on craftster.
i have been busy crafting lately for swaps on craftster

please take a look at my youtube ihave added a few videos including what i sent and recieved in the wist swap.

hoping to start a facebook for aussie craftsters will post link to anyone who is interested dropme a pm

Friday, April 2, 2010

happy easter

its a rainy easter saturday here
i had a lovely week apart from work and housework lol
i spent a little on some crafty goodness which always makes me happy
i got my 2 boys some crafty stuff
and we have had fun making rubber dubber do - took some photos
will post those soon
and i have just got a new beado kit, some water paints and shimmer paints
they are going to be making tag books
i have used my sizzix to cut out the tags from recycled cardboard (boxes)
so will take pics when we are done
i have to finish some extras for the wist swap for my partner i want to get it posted as soon as postoffice reopens hope my partner likes everything will update soon

ok i uploaded 2 videos to youtube - breadmaking and a little minialbum i made
i found out there is a i top bradmaker, i would love one! anyone seenthemin australia
i can handcover buttons so i guess i can do that and glue em on
just wishing lol

ok off to clean and craft with the kids
they got a new table => cars themed so they love it

i need to make some more videos or youtube
if only it wasnt so noisy here
school holidays and tv noise...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

got the crafty bug

I have been crafting madly for my wist swap
I will be showing all that once my partner recieves so i dont ruin her suprises
very inspiring wist
loved doing it

i have been making sourdough bread by hand
still working on perfecting it
getting there!
made another one today

i won some prima pack prize the other day on ustream
a live show

i have made some cute easter boxes for the teachers at school.
so pretty will post a pic

i am working on a few mini albums for gift giving

hope to upload a yt video soon
my paper flower video has over 10000 hits
pretty excited

Friday, March 19, 2010

march 2010

hi everyone
i have been very slack over the last few months since the christmas rush
I want to get back into blogging and youtubing videos
I have been making a few things lately

home made laundry powder
i finished a quilt
crafting for craftster swaps
i made applique glass case holders for the sweatshopswap 22
and i am crafting for the wist swap - 2 items made next one in progress

will be back to add some pics soon